How Women’s Skin Ages Differently Than Men’s

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Have you ever found yourself comparing the skin ages of different genders, particularly your own versus that of your husband, or perhaps that of your best friend? Ever wonder why there looks to be such a huge difference?

The truth is, when it comes to women’s skin aging differently than men, clear variability is observed due to a few natural factors inherent within the two sexes.

But actually understanding why this often appears to be is certainly no simple feat– which is precisely why we’re here to breakdown exactly how and why female skin begins to age differently than when compared with men’s.

Hormones Play a Role

It’s no secret that aging affects women and men differently. This difference is largely attributed to fluctuations in hormone levels between the two sexes—namely, estrogen.

In women, estrogen gives skin a much needed boost of protection; shielding us from wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of advancing age.

However, around midlife – as we make the transition from perimenopause to menopause – we tend to experience a marked decrease in our levels of estrogen. 

And as the decline takes hold and we’re left with lower concentrations of this enigmatic hormone in our system, that subtle lampshade on our face suddenly becomes more distinctive as wrinkles become more pronounced and much deeper!

So if you’re noticing any out of the ordinary changes in your 30s or 40s, it’s likely due to an estrogential decline that can only be settled by one integral powerhouse – Estrogen!

In addition, women also experience fluctuating hormone levels during their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause—all of which can cause changes in the texture, elasticity, and overall health of their skin.

Collagen is another important factor that keeps our skin looking plump, young and line free. This decreases over time as we age which reveals wrinkles and fine lines on our faces—something all people experience differently depending on their differing hormone levels.

Women’s skin is also much thinner than men’s, without the added boost of elasticity, this delicate complexion lends itself to the formation of wrinkles and can cause sagging a much earlier age than its male counterpart.

As we get older, our complexion undergoes great changes over time, yet for women these indicators may start to appear even earlier in life.

The extra fine network of textured fibers that make up female skin mean that it is less able to resist the degrading effects of age.

Men don’t go through the same hormonal shifts that women do since they possess different levels of estrogen. But men may not be off the hook as far as their hormones go.

Over time, testosterone production can fluctuate impacting skin health. For example, more testosterone can cause excessive sebum which could mean oily skin and a higher risk for acne.

These issues don’t stop there, however; even normal or lower amounts of testosterone can lead to less firmness and hydration in the skin too.

Lifestyle Habits

It’s not just a hormonal difference that affects how quickly women’s skin ages compared to men’s. Several lifestyle factors can cause early aging too, such as smoking and drinking.

Unfortunately, because of their lower levels of estrogen, these age advancing effects will be even more apparent in women.

Plus, repeated sun exposure can also add a few wrinkles to your face sooner than you’d like. This is problematic for women as they produce less melanin, the pigment that offsets some of the harmful effects of UV rays on our skin.

Men, in general, tend to take more risks when it comes to sun exposure than women—which can lead to more wrinkles on their face over time.

For example, studies show that men are less likely than women to use sunscreen or other sun protection products when they go outdoors. That means that men may develop wrinkles earlier in life due to greater sun exposure over time compared to women who protect themselves from UV rays better.

Women have the power to look after their skin and keep it looking youthful for longer. Taking preventative action such as using daily sunscreen doesn’t just apply to women, but any gender.

Additionally, embarking on a regular moisturizing routine can deliver invigorating hydration to your skin. Stress is often a factor that decreases the vibrancy of the skin. Engaging in activities like yoga or meditating which promote both physical and mental wellbeing can give your skin joy too!

In addition to these external steps for glowing radiance, what you consume matters too! Incorporating antioxidant-rich food like berries, greens, and healthy sources of protein into your meals helps to ensure your skin remains balanced and robust.

Similarly, steering clear of smoking cigarettes or cigars will decrease premature aging effects additionally helping your skin flourish.

Getting enough sleep each night (between 7 and 9 hours) is another viable way to replenish cells, so don’t neglect your zzz’s.

Furthering that notion, drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day will help prime hydration at the visceral level through absorption too! 

Consciously adhering to these skincare tips alongside reading advice from leading professionals can set you up for success as you embrace effortless beauty inside out.


In summary, while there are many factors that contribute to how quickly our skin ages (e.g., lifestyle choices), one of the biggest differences between male and female skin aging comes down to hormones – particularly estrogen.

This explains why many women start noticing wrinkles or sagging around their mid-30s or 40s – when their body has started producing less of this hormone!

Collagen is hugely important in keeping our skin plump and youthful, without fine lines—but as all of us must know, this depletes as we age, highlighting wrinkles and start to bring out expression lines that are unique to our individual hormone levels.

While there’s no turning back the clock on the natural aging process, all genders can benefit from creating a routine self care practice that includes various skincare measures!

Wearing sun protection, although seemingly small in outcome, can play a huge role in shielding your skin from dark spots, bang up preventative methods like these will keep you glimmering for years even when your time come.

Yoga and other activities focused on breathing or meditating techniques promote myriad feelings health wise – including love and care towards yourself while embodying soothing relaxation.

Let’s become responsible skincare delegates and enthusiastically integrate some antioxidant-rich foods into our diet. Doing so acts both as fuel for glowing complexions but supplement nutrition balance too!

All told, there are many modalities of devoted maintenance when it comes to beautiful looking skin with longevity – simply employ a smart flow of how you take care of yourself at any stage in life and it’ll make all the difference throughout!

Be splendid through mature age with the piece of mind that comes along with proper attention to your well being from early days!


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