Maximizing Your Skincare Routine with Probiotics

Girl applying white cream on her face in front of a mirror.

Do you ever feel like nothing is working when trying to take control of your skin issues? It can be quite disheartening.

You’re not alone in this – it’s becoming more apparent just how sensitive our skin is to the environment. Trying to keep your complexion looking vibrant and healthy can be a challenge if you’re unable to determine the causes that lead to it.

We all understand how we fuel our bodies significantly impacts what’s reflected on the outside as well. That’s why an increasing number of people are discovering probiotics as one of the most reliable means to improve their skincare routines. Probiotics deliver beyond expectations – health professionals consistently advocate for its abundance of nutritional properties!

In this article, let’s dig deeper into how probiotics are considered one of the go-to remedies for your visage, intentionally leading to natural glow effects. 

What Are Probiotics?

Are you wondering… what are probiotics? Probiotics are live microorganisms, otherwise known as “good bacteria,” which have been clinically proven to include health benefits!

One of the simplest ways to increase your probiotic intake dietary is through consuming foods with high levels of probiotics. Yogurt, for instance, provides essential bacteria and yeast that promote digestive health.

If yogurt isn’t really calling your name, check out delicacies such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, tempeh, miso soup, pickles and olives – they too boost the abundance of beneficial microbes in your gut! Not only do these snacks offer an array of bacterial varieties, they carry a variety of nutrients like vitamin A and C as well as protein.

Make it a priority to have some every day – trust us; you’ll thank yourself!

Probiotics and Your Skin

When it comes to our health, beneficial bacteria play an important role! These types of bacteria are naturally hosted in our digestive system—helping to break down food particles and make them more readily absorbed by the body.

But recently, investigators have uncovered something remarkable: probiotics can have wonderful benefits for our skin too! So, enjoy better skin health simply by increasing your intake on probiotic rich ‘super snacks’!

Probiotics are useful both externally, and when ingested internally, helping combat against a variety of skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

The Benefits of Probiotic Skin Care

There are several key benefits that come with using probiotic skincare products. For starters, since probiotic bacteria live on the surface of the skin, they help protect it from damage caused by UV radiation and other environmental toxins while also maintaining its natural moisture and pH balance.

Additionally, probiotic skincare products can help reduce redness and inflammation associated with certain conditions such as rosacea or eczema. They may even help reduce wrinkles over time!

Finally, because probiotic skincare products contain natural ingredients that don’t irritate sensitive skin types, they are far less likely to cause an allergic reaction than traditional skincare products containing harsh chemicals.

Finding the Right Probiotic Skincare Products for You

Before making any decisions on which probiotic skincare products to use, it’s important to pay attention to the specific ingredients and potential effects of different brands. Some products may be too gentle for your needs, while others could contain few of the active ingredients required for best results.

That’s why it is a wise idea to seek guidance from your dermatologist. They can have an in-depth conversation about your particular requirements and target skin care objectives before recommending a product (or combination of products) that effectively meets all those elements.

Although it can take overwhelming time and effort to research on every single product, particularly when one is not compliant with their sensitivity tests or personal routines, being informed about its main benefits will ensure that you make the most out of your skincare routine in the long run.                           

Probiotic Supplements

Having a probiotic-rich diet is key to maintaining healthy skin, but finding the time for it can be difficult. Taking a supplement is an easy and convenient way to supplement nutrition in your life.

Fortunately there are many supple choices on the market so you don’t have to worry about where to start! When choosing a supplement, look out for well known live cultures such as Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium species – these specific bacterias have been proven to promote promising skin care results.

To ensure utmost safety during usage, take care to read labels confirm that the product is free of additives or fillers. You never want anything other than what you’ve shelled out for being in your supplement!

Topical Products

Aside from taking supplements, topical products containing probiotics or their derivatives are also available. These products generally come in the form of creams and serums and introduce antioxidant protection as well as anti- inflammatory roles for our skin.

Many individuals vouch for successful acne treatments, reduction in redness and decreasing inflammation due to particularly sensitive or scaly complexions stemming from rosacea – all from using these specialised cocktails!

Finally, be sure to always strategically read through whatever product you intend on granting access to sitting dominion over your mortal frame.

This precautionary approach is ultimately beneficial because your skin deserves to Thank You itself!                                                                                                                                   


Incorporating healthy bacteria into your diet is an easy way to optimize your skincare routine without making drastic changes or spending a lot of money.

Research suggests that taking a daily probiotic supplement imbued with certain beneficial bacterial strains can help promote better skin health: reducing inflammation, balancing pH levels, defending against sun damage and premature aging – all while strengthening overall wellbeing!

Whether it’s through dietary sources like yogurt or kimchi or through topical products such as serums or creams, getting enough probiotics into your lifestyle has never been easier!

Make sure you properly research into the products available and select reputable brands with Quality Assurance systems in place to ensure the highest level of absorption of each supplement. 

Incorporating probiotics into your daily regimen can be done simply – one supplement a day could be the key to long-lasting beautiful skin!

If you’re searching for natural ways to look brighter and have healthier skin then getting advice from a dermatologist on incorporating probiotic supplements into your beauty regime is recommended!


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Selma Durmo M. Pharm

“As far as I can remember I have always struggled with sensitive skin. The issues culminated in my mid-twenties when I started having rosacea flares and redness. My personal quest for effective, safe solutions took a professional turn, and I was given the opportunity to apply my (Pharma) background in developing a new skin friendly product line. My goal was to create something new, a clinically proven sustainable skincare brand. This science backed probiotic skincare derived technology is a product of years of research and innovation in personal care products. Metabiotics contain naturally produced hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, SMase, lipoteichoic acid, over 40 peptides and enzymes. All assigned with specific tasks for activating the skins native repair mechanisms.” 

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Our products contain carefully selected hypoallergenic ingredients suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

We’re committed to formulating with natural, organically-derived, and skin-friendly synthetics while excluding popular “good feeling” and potentially harmful compounds to provide the best skincare solutions.

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Cinically proven

Our products’ superiority has been proven in a controlled study on 50 volunteers where it was shown that four-week product use leads to a significant increase in skin moisture levels (39%), increased skin elasticity (50%), and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles (23%).

Other beneficial effects include decrease in skin sensitivity, increase in skin cleanliness, evenness of the skin tone, decrease in acne formation.

This study serves as proof of the skin’s gradual return of its protective layer, integrity, and balance. All study results have been published in a peer reviewed journal as well as the full study report.

“Putting all science aside, we are most proud of our users’ testimonials. All tested volunteers claimed visible and tangible improvement in skin feel and appearance.”


The greatest breakthrough discovery we stumbled upon is that skincare and cosmetics should not be sensational.

Personal care should be comprehensive, accessible, and efficient, just as all solutions that come from nature are.

We are often faced with labels such as anti aging skin care, organic skin care, natural skincare products, which lack the necessary explanation… What do these phrases actually mean?

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Today’s trends in skincare require the use of synthetic active ingredients which interact with the skin. Our approach is to distinguish natural alternatives, which mimic the skins native repair mechanism and are more efficient and ecologically sound.

Translating solutions from nature into industrial settings is hardly an easy task, but it’s one we enjoy undertaking.

We have screened 500+ different wild probiotic strains from the nature, to find the most powerful ones.

Special fermentation process was developed to harvest powerful molecules (HA, LTA, SMase, LA and 40 peptides).

Result is the composition of native signal components and molecules that keep the skin balanced, healthy and protected.