My Story

As a trained pharmacist, I am a true believer in science. In time, however, I have come to understand that science has one and only one true partner — nature. 


Founder of Anbiome Skincare

A personal quest

My professional career began with exploring and developing new molecules. So — when I first began having issues with the sensitivity of my skin — I turned to commercially available solutions such as creams, cleaners and the likes. 

Yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, I always kept the memory of the elder women in my family who used to make their own personal care products from what was available in their kitchens, gardens and immediate environment. I remember how one summer, after a pretty bad sunburn, my grandmother put yogurt on the affected areas. The next morning, I woke up with the burns all but gone and the feeling that my grandmother was a magician. 

Years later — after developing red flares associated with rosacea — the yogurt story came back to me and I decided to dig deeper into the science of my grandmother’s recipe. I realised that it was the probiotics, otherwise known as good bacteria , which gave the yogurt its magical power. Through research, I learned that probiotics naturally produce molecules that have proven benefits for the skin. After this astonishing discovery, I put myself to work committed to translating this knowledge into something that can be used every day. 

The meaning of Anbiome

The name Anbiome is actually a combination of the ancient Sumerian symbol Enu (noted on our packaging) signifying something divine and microbiome – the protective layer of microorganisms that work together to keep us safe and healthy.

Traditional solution with a scientific twist

Together with an enthusiastic team of biologists and microbiologists and after countless hours of exploration and scientific research, we manage to extract the essence of probiotic activity and create a smart cream produced in a sustainable biotechnological manufacturing process.

Another personal choice I made was to create formulations that only contain hypoallergenic ingredients. Consequently, silicones, parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours are all excluded from our products, so that only natural, sustainable and skin-friendly synthetic alternatives are included. Add to this thermal spring mineral water, cold pressed berry oils and naturally derived antioxidants from olives and you get a truly unique product inspired by nature. 

How we differ from other natural skincare brands?

From my experience in the pharma industry I have taken the no nonsense approach into the beauty industry. I believe what you put on your skin has to be safe, of the best quality and effective. Therefore all the claims associated to our products are backed up by scientific research, clinical evidence and technological expertise.

Working on Anbiome in the last two years has taught me that sometimes in order to move forward you need to take a few steps back, in nature and tradition.