Redefining Clean: The Latest Trends You Need to Know

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With the rise of sustainable fashion and organic food, it’s no surprise that clean beauty has been making waves in the beauty industry. The beauty industry is experiencing dramatic growth and the “clean” segment of it has seen huge success, especially among Gen Z consumers.

By 2024, global sales for this booming sector are expected to reach $20 billion!

Amidst all the growth in the clean beauty world, what it means to have a “clean” product is far from settled. This lack of consensus has created a legal challenge for top retailers, leading to false advertising claims.

Now more than ever before, brands are looking closely at their ingredients and products to ensure transparency and verify if their products match the marketing claims. Only when claims are robust can brands truly make an impact with their offering in the competitive clean beauty space.

Regardless of the situation, consumers remain dedicated to replacing ‘dirty’ ingredients with better, more natural ones.

This built sense of pressure is pushing brands to create real differences in terms of sustainability and efficacy so they can differentiate themselves on the market clearly and responsibly.


But What is Clean Beauty ?

The more natural has become the norm, and clean beauty is sweeping the beauty landscape!

It’s all about switching over to natural ingredients, like essential oils, plant extracts, and minerals instead of harsh chemicals.

These not only provide great results for your skin, but they definitely benefit the environment too since there are no harmful emissions released during production.

Buying clean beauty will also give you peace of mind knowing that every purchase is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: taking your skincare routine in a cleaner direction with natural products sounds terrific!

Don’t miss out on any of the latest trends in clean beauty—whether its anti aging creams or nutrient boosting masks, explore all the options today!


Sustainable Packaging

Remember when plastic containers were standard for beauty products?

Well, the days of traditional plastic packaging are slowly becoming a thing of the past. In its place, more sustainable container and packaging materials like glass jars and bottles, aluminum tubes, and even paper packaging are being utilized!

Not only do these materials substantially reduce waste production but they’re often associated with a sophisticated look that exudes luxury. On top of that, they usually last longer too!

As if there weren’t already enough great benefits to investing in eco friendly solutions when it comes to product containers and packaging, many companies are realizing financial advantages as well in terms of reduced shipping costs. 

That ultimately can be passed along to their customers in potential cost savings.


Organic Ingredients

When it comes to clean beauty products, organic ingredients are key. These ingredients are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which can be damaging to your health as well as the environment.

Many companies source their ingredients from small farms or use wild-harvested plants like rose hips or aloe vera for their formulations.

By using organic ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals, brands can offer consumers high-quality products without compromising their health or safety. The result is a product that is both effective and safe for everyday use.

Some of the most popular organic ingredients include aloe vera, chamomile extract, coconut oil, and jojoba oil—all of which have amazing benefits for your skin and hair!

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the sustainability efforts brands make, and they will reward those that go above and beyond.


Natural Fragrances

Adios to yesterday’s perfumes made with synthetic fragrances that are potentially irritating for the skin. We have come full circle— searching for better ways to experience fragrance, brands have begun creating a variety of parfumes using natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts.

These natural alternatives help recreate beautiful scents while avoiding any damage they may cause. Lavender, orange blossoms, sandalwood… the list goes on! All of these components make up nature’s wonderful recipe for giving ingenious aromas with absolutely no negative side effects.

If we could bottle up our appreciation for these gifted ingredients and diffuser it through the air – how cool would that be? Sight unseen, let us enjoy each other without saying goodbye, instead taking an olfactory approach: Smell ya later!


Cruelty-Free Products

Animals have been used in testing cosmetics and other beauty products for a long time—but thankfully, more and more brands are deciding not to put them through this stress anymore.

They’re turning to cruelty-free alternatives such as cell cultures or computer simulations to test their products. This way, everyone can be 100% sure that no furry friends were mistreated for the sake of the beautiful packaging we enjoy so much.

We love it when companies opt for ethical approaches to ensure the quality of their products pre market launch. After all, no one wants anything bad happening to animals, especially not something that we use or consume.

That’s why it’s so encouraging when companies strive to not only better their products and services, but also prioritize animal welfare! Everyone who’s conscious about what they purchase naturally supports these thoughtful changes. Here’s to better ethics, and a cleaner wild!


Clean Beauty Subscription Boxes

New, eco conscious clean beauty products available now? Sign us up! 

Subscription boxes have become a great way for people to try out amazing new products without having to purchase full size items upfront. Perfect for those that want to save the planet AND their pocketbook.

Many meal deliveries feature samples of organic makeup and skincare goods, as well as sustainable accessories and tools like bamboo-made applicators or reusable makeup brushes.

What’s more? It’s an awesome way to discover pristine brands promoting health, beauty and earth friendly values. So put down the microfiber cloth and grab a subscription box.

No need to venture outside or pay delightful amounts with membership because you too can get started in the clean beauty revolution!



Going all-natural isn’t a trend anymore, it’s the way of life. Embracing clean beauty is about looking beyond harsh chemicals and toxins; it’s also about being mindful with our environment by choosing sustainable packaging material and organic ingredients.

Natural fragrances are key to ensure that the product we use on ourselves is not harmful to the environment too!

While taking care of ourselves and being conscious of our health, why not extend gratitude to mother earth as well? Investing in brands that support a zero waste, ethically responsible supply chain for all their raw materials is one step further into maintaining a balanced eco system.

Through a gentle yet effective approach, you can join millions abroad in supporting sustainable natural beauty!

About author

Selma Durmo M. Pharm

“As far as I can remember I have always struggled with sensitive skin. The issues culminated in my mid-twenties when I started having rosacea flares and redness. My personal quest for effective, safe solutions took a professional turn, and I was given the opportunity to apply my (Pharma) background in developing a new skin friendly product line. My goal was to create something new, a clinically proven sustainable skincare brand. This science backed probiotic skincare derived technology is a product of years of research and innovation in personal care products. Metabiotics contain naturally produced hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, SMase, lipoteichoic acid, over 40 peptides and enzymes. All assigned with specific tasks for activating the skins native repair mechanisms.” 

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Following the principles of Clean Beauty, we have joined the dedicated stream of safe, non-toxic beauty enthusiasts.

Our products contain carefully selected hypoallergenic ingredients suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

We’re committed to formulating with natural, organically-derived, and skin-friendly synthetics while excluding popular “good feeling” and potentially harmful compounds to provide the best skincare solutions.

“It is easy to get hooked on conventional products, with inviting perfumes and the instantly pleasant skin feeling. The sooner you understand that those sensations are short-lived the better! Choose Clean Beauty and allow the science backed ingredients time to work wonders on your skin.”

Cinically proven

Our products’ superiority has been proven in a controlled study on 50 volunteers where it was shown that four-week product use leads to a significant increase in skin moisture levels (39%), increased skin elasticity (50%), and a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles (23%).

Other beneficial effects include decrease in skin sensitivity, increase in skin cleanliness, evenness of the skin tone, decrease in acne formation.

This study serves as proof of the skin’s gradual return of its protective layer, integrity, and balance. All study results have been published in a peer reviewed journal as well as the full study report.

“Putting all science aside, we are most proud of our users’ testimonials. All tested volunteers claimed visible and tangible improvement in skin feel and appearance.”


The greatest breakthrough discovery we stumbled upon is that skincare and cosmetics should not be sensational.

Personal care should be comprehensive, accessible, and efficient, just as all solutions that come from nature are.

We are often faced with labels such as anti aging skin care, organic skin care, natural skincare products, which lack the necessary explanation… What do these phrases actually mean?

“Grown tired of all the misleading, incomprehensive, irrelevant information used in the beauty industry we decided to stick to a no-nonsense approach. It is what it is, and skin care is not magic! It requires commitment, patience and understanding your skins’ needs.”


We are dedicated to neutralizing our negative impact on the environment as much as possible and have joined the stream of sustainable skincare brands. We’re taking you on for the ride (we’ve even packed the goodies)!

To help minimize our carbon footprint, for every product order a tree will be planted thanks to our amazing planters at One Tree Planted. It’s estimated that a mature tree nullifies around 20lbs of CO2 a year.

We’re doing our best to reuse, reduce and recycle. Wishing to inspire a circular economy we have partnered up, to create a customized recycling program. Collect three empty plastic packages to receive your Anbiome Recycling Envelope and follow the instructions on how to take part in our recycling mission. 

Your good deed shall be rewarded. For every three products recycled you receive one product gift!


Today’s trends in skincare require the use of synthetic active ingredients which interact with the skin. Our approach is to distinguish natural alternatives, which mimic the skins native repair mechanism and are more efficient and ecologically sound.

Translating solutions from nature into industrial settings is hardly an easy task, but it’s one we enjoy undertaking.

We have screened 500+ different wild probiotic strains from the nature, to find the most powerful ones.

Special fermentation process was developed to harvest powerful molecules (HA, LTA, SMase, LA and 40 peptides).

Result is the composition of native signal components and molecules that keep the skin balanced, healthy and protected.

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